Energy Clearing/Balancing/Healing

A natural, unique therapy to self-correct, rebalance, restore and bring comfort to the body, mind, heart and spirit.

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Energy Healing Sessions at Pampered Spirit

Energy Healing is a highly effective and a wonderful compliment to any method of treatment. Energy is (generally) neutral by itself. But when someone forms an intention as to what they want to do with that energy, then the energy will take on that intention. The focus and intention of Energy Healing sessions is not only to alleviate symptoms of discomfort, but recognize and release patterns of energy that are impairing. Throughout our sessions you will become aware of how and where you hold 'blocks' (also known as stagnant energy or areas with no movement) in your physical and energetic bodies. Together we will clear that which is no longer of use to you, integrate all that you have processed, allowing the body to heal itself; rejuvenating life force between the body, mind and emotions.

Benefits to Energy Therapy

What Will a Session Look Like?

Buy way of providing a safe place, I facilitate the body's own natural healing system that has become either stagnant or blocked; to bring about balance and harmony.

Through dialog I assist you in moving through behavioral patterns and healing any aspect of your life that no longer serves you. A session may include visualization, meditation, energetic/emotional release techniques and evaluation of specific issues and how they affect your energy field. This is then followed by hands on healing. Primarily I hold my hands on the body and energy passes between us and goes where it is needed. I will touch certain parts of the body (with permission) pressing on what are known as acupressure points. A session could also include light therapeutic massage, guided visualization, transpersonal spiritual counseling and breath work.

Regular Participation in Energy Healing Can Help With:

So does Energy Healing have medical benefits? Absolutely .... YES!

Just Starting Out, And Wondering What, Why?

If you have heard of, or even experienced the benefits of chiropractic care or massage therapy, you are well on your way to understanding the fundamentals of Energy Healing. In chiropractic care, manual adjustments are made to the spine and skeletal system in order to correct misalignments. In massage therapy the practitioner applies pressure, tension, motion, or vibration to the soft tissues of the body. Both are designed to achieve a beneficial response and relieve discomfort.
There is a complex system of subtle energy that is present through and around the human body. This system facilitates the flow and use of energy supplying your mind, your emotions and every cell of your physical body. Any discomfort that is being experienced at the mental, emotional or physical level has corresponding misalignments within the system of subtle energy that connects the entire system.

And What Happens When The Energy is Blocked?

When our energy flow is blocked the result is that the energy feeding our organs and their systems is interrupted. Often, our thoughts and emotions affect our energy flow - for better or for worse. Positive, happy, loving thoughts keep our energy flowing. Negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions block our energy flow. Beliefs concerning our self worth and self esteem, or what we believe to be important in life, are common triggers for emotions that deter optimal energy flow. When these emotions disrupt or block our energy field, they also affect our body chemistry, and this in turn leads to what we experience as physical symptoms, illness, injury and disease. Releasing energy blocks throughout the entire body will bring balance to the Chakras which are energy centers in the body. When out of balance, Chakras can cause ailments ranging from chest pains, constipation, ulcers & PMS to depression, OCD, lack of love & low libido.

This is where the mind-body connection becomes important to understanding disease and wellness.

So Let's Optimize 'The Flow' - Energy Balancing and Clearing

Energy infusion can bring up emotions and memories that help to identify root causes of the negative thought patterns that have blocked the energy flow. This awareness can allow us to let go of the emotional cause of the block and replace it with a healthier thought pattern. As our thoughts and emotions change to forgiveness, acceptance and love, our energy can flow more freely and our bodies can heal. This is how the mind-body connection can be used to heal the body - by addressing the cause of a physical problem.

Because most of us are not aware of our energy systems, treatment is usually not sought until discomfort or disease has set in. The key to maintaining optimal health is to become aware of the subtle messages our bodies send us when our energy flow is disrupted. These messages can range from a slight anxious feeling to a feeling of full-blown panic, discomfort or even pain.

With Energy therapy I can find the blocks and infuse the body with energy, allowing healing on all three levels: body, mind and spirit.

Complimentary Energy Therapy AND Western Medicine: A Natural Complement

Western medicine does a fabulous job of diagnosing and treating disease and should always be sought when disease is underway. However, Energy medicine can help in the healing process, help prevent illness or trauma because it addresses the root cause of disease.

When Western Medicine and Complimentary Energy Medicine are brought together and offered to patients routinely, diseases will be seen more as lessons of life rather than unfortunate, random events. The focus and intention of Energy Healing sessions is not only to experience rejuvenation and balance; but to see a change in the underlying patterns of energy that originally triggered the discomfort.

Energy Healing is a highly effective and (extremely) soothing therapy. It's designed to provide optimum assistance in restoring balance and holistic wellness.



DISCLAIMER: It works particularly well when we allow it to work! For example we may ask for healing but at the same time not expect it to work or even block it because we are afraid of what may happen. So healing does not depend on my skill so much as your willingness to be part of the process without holding back. You may also discover that while you ask for healing for one area, your body may recognize the need is greater elsewhere - and healing will take place there instead or as well.

Pampered Spirit does NOT claim to provide miracle cures. Sometimes the healing energy can produce seemingly miraculous results and sometimes it simply helps a person to cope better with their health conditions. Energy Healing is a holistic treatment, working on not only the body but the mind and spirit.

Energy Medicine is offered as a supplement, NOT as a substitute for any treatment you may receive from the medical profession. Although the healing energy does offer something different, we would always advise anyone to consult their doctor when they feel unwell. Energy Healing works well side by side with any medical treatment, prescribed medicine and/or other complementary therapies.

This is NOT Faith Healing. While Pampered Spirit does not discourage or disrespect any religious belief, there are no conditions applied to receiving healing. What Pampered Spirit will ask you is to believe in your right to be well and be open to receive healing.