About - Testimonials

"Patty is a gifted energy healer and massage therapist. Her sessions will not only relax you, but will serve to unwind any physical, emotional, or spiritual blocks you may have. I always feel lighter after one of her sessions, like I've just been unburdened from that which I wasn't even aware I was holding onto."

-Karla W, Professional Organizer, Actor


“I would call Patty an angel and holistic massage therapist. Where can you find a massage therapist that eases all your aches, pains, tension and heals your spirit at the same time? She sprinkles lightness and fun wherever she goes. I have known Patty for 10 years now and feel so lucky to have her in my life.”

 -Julie T, Actress, Teacher


"Patty has a remarkable touch when it comes to energy healing. She is gentle and knows exactly the areas that need clearing and charging. I left our session today feeling energy running through my entire body! This helped me to be more focused and confident as I move forward with my life goals and aspirations!
Patty not only helped me feel good physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. Within minutes after our session, my overall quality of feeling good about myself quickly attracted others to the positive energy I was emanating because of Patty's warm hearted spirit and healing hands!"

 -Lisa L, Mom and Therapist


"I receive massage therapy from Patty Guzman and I can't recommend her enough. Her warm heart and hands melt my body into deep relaxation every time. Through regular visits I have improved my posture, digestion, immunity and flexibility. What a delicious path to better health! Thank you, Patty."

-Erin R, Educator


"I have been receiving massages from Patty now for several years, and can only say that she has a great gift. Her hands are amazing! She is in tune with my body and its needs. She knows where to apply less or more pressure and she can feel where my pain spots/originates from. She truly has golden hands! I have had many massages from other people in the past, but I have had the most success with her and would recommend her any time."

-Alma G, Retired, mom


"Patty has been one of my healers for the past 4 years. I have also recently started using her massage therapy services as well. After a session, I always feel relaxed, centered and peaceful. Her compassionate touch is a blessing to my very hectic and stressful life. The combination of her massage skills with the energy healing is always exactly what I need to wind down and connect with my body. She truly does pamper my spirit!!! Thanks Patty!!!"

-Patty A, Energy Healer, BARS


"Patty's touch is nothing less than heavenly. You feel nurtured and loved. She is a natural healer with a compassionate heart. I look forward to my time with her as I know she I will receive blissful massage and therapeutic energy work that leaves me feeling relaxed, healed and charged."

 -Hillary B, Nursery school teacher


"Patty introduced me to a healing massage about 9 years ago and she has been helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle ever since. Whenever I'm stressed and not feeling up to par, I call Patty. She's always willing to fit me into her busy schedule. She takes the time necessary to help me feel better and never makes me feel rushed. I continue to see Patty to this day on a regular basis."

-Robin S